Permanent Recruitment

Our Service Offers:

Comprehensive screening and rigorous interview process adopted from parent company an executive search firm.

A screening process that includes simulated interviews, competency based interviews, and (if required) psychometric, technical, and personality testing.

Sourcing active and passive candidates through proactive searching.

Much higher chance of securing the right person, the first time.

Opportunity for you to focus on your core business rather than on resource-intensive recruitment activities.

The ability to source a broad range of IT specialist roles.

Time-to-hire is significantly reduced.

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Hunter & Chase IT Recruitment has been in the industry since 2009 delivering and improving its services for permanent recruitment. It's parent company is Hunter & Chase Executive Search which enables us to utilise tools and resources from a leading head-hunter to deliver the best service to our clients, along with ex professionals from the Tech sector who recruit for us and a network of qualified agencies which adds to the value we deliver.

Furthermore, our vast database of IT professionals, extensive industry networks, innovative talent attraction strategies, as well as our rigorous screening and selection process means you'll only receive the best. And when we say best - we don't just mean those who tick all the prerequisites but are also a right fit to your organisation.

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London: H&C IT Recruitment, 42 Brook Street, London, W1K 5DB

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