IT Staff Augmentation

Our Service Offers:

Quick access to one of the largest candidate databases of pre-vetted IT professionals.

A match service to skills and experience for requested resource requirements.

Support Induction, Onboarding and ensure they integrate seamlessly into your existing teams.

Full contractor management service available, end to end, including payroll and admin.

Instant access to resources and replacements of resources as to ensure continuation and project demands are met.

Access to a global network of partner companies comprising one of the largest and deepest global resource pool.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Delivering projects on time and on budget is a challenging undertaking, having access to the right resources (and in a timely fashion) can make all the difference. It's not worth taking the chance when such large budgets are at stake and such wide ranging risks are not mitigated. Hunter & Chase and its partners can resource your project through our IT Staff Augmentation services. We can quickly access one of the largest candidate databases of pre-vetted IT professionals, we'll match your skills and experience to your exact requirements, and ensure they integrate seamlessly into your existing teams.

Hence you'll be able to manage costs more effectively as you'll only pay for staff when you need them. From an individual through to a large team, and anything in between - we'll provide the right people at the right time, ramping up and down in response to the demands of the project.

We also support things like induction, onboarding, and resource replacement management. So, you'll have more time to focus your energy on business critical areas. Where other providers only take care of contractor payrolling, we provide a comprehensive solution to manage the entire process on your behalf, with our partner one of the world's largest backend providers who help us deliver and manage our contractors to clients around the world.

And we make it easy for you. You'll receive a single point of contact to manage the administration and negotiation of contracts, a consolidated billing system, and guaranteed compliance. This gives you the transparency you need to manage current resources, as well as the ability to plan ahead.

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